2018 Solid Rock Association

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Original Charter


We, the Crossroads Community Baptist Church, Garrett Regular Baptist Church, House of David Church of Old Regular Baptist, and Pilgrims Prayer Church of Old Regular Baptist, come together with the following Resolution:

We resolve to form this Association for the purpose of strengthening our correspondence. We agree to work toward welcoming Christian fellowship for ourselves, and everyone seeking to worship God in Spirit and in Truth, free from the prejudice of denominations. We will sustain the worship, ordinance, discipline and doctrine of the Association; not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together. We covenant, as members of Christ, to walk in brotherly love in order to be a light to sinners, and a shining example to our children. Our hope is to be a home for all of God’s children who have been trampled underfoot, or those who have been treated unjustly by men.

We pray that God will bless us with this endeavor until the final trump sounds and Christ presents us to the Father as his undefiled bride.


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Solid Rock Association

We would love for you to visit one of our churches.  Visit the individual pages for address or directions.


Moderator: Elder Daryl G. Newsom

(606) 639-4667 

Assistant Moderator: Elder Cullen Caudill

(606) 785-3241

Clerk/Treasurer: Deacon Thomas Pinion

(606) 213-4151

Assistant Clerk: Elder Brandon Newsom

(336) 970-9073